Monday, December 1, 2008

Whoa :O

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I cannot believe it's already December. This year has went by so fast, it's almost 2009! :O


It's crazy. So much has happened this year. It's just amazing.

I just took a blogthings quiz; I'm clam chowder: :D

You Are Clam Chowder
You are cynical and a bit provincial. You don't trust what's new or trendy. You are also indulgent and hedonistic. You like rich foods, and you would never count calories. You are not a big cooker - or a big foodie. Food is not complicated for you. You eat what's comfortable. And what's from a box or can. You're very low maintenance.

It's somewhat true. & I love clam chowder :)

*Here's the link* 'cause I'm too lazy to load the quiz on my computer. :P

Today was fun. I'm assuming no one practiced over the break 'cause that's how we sounded, at least for the first half of orchestra. Towards the end we started to sound pretty good . :)

World Geography was okay. There's this really creepy guy in my class who always sneaks up behind me and scares the sh!t out of me. He put his chin on my shoulder the other day when I was sitting down. I jumped out of my seat so fast, it scared me so badly. :P Ugh, he's just the creepy guy that sits in the back of your class that seems like he's going to be a murderer when he grows up. I don't know, that's just what I think of when I see him...



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Ali said...

ewwwwwwwwwwww he sounds like a creep-tastic guy. sorry about that.

and i know!!!!!!!!!! its almost 2009!!!!!!!!

Dibsy said...

LOL. I went to the link and using my A.D.D. powers I suddenly went to a bunch of random quizzes, and it turns out-I'm 70% boyish and 30% girly. YEE!

I'm also bipolar.

Ali said...

sorry he's not cute. that just sucks.

Ali said...

hey-i just took the soup quiz and i got clam chowder too! haha :)

krl said...

ooh. any other part of his body you'd like on your neck?

and how about my hand? you trust me, right? joke.

where the duck is taylor. she hasnt commented or posted to talked to me in yonks.


im still progrssively going slowly downward with my mentality. as im sure my strange blog indicates.


Ali said...

i'm not really a clam chowder kind of girl.

i'm more of a tomato soup kind of girl.

Dibsy said...

ohhhhhhhhhh wats ur email address?

krl said...

lol. im sure. and my hands are harmless. dont worry. so is every other part of my body.

my ex (the one who tried to sue me - i forget if i told you about that story) has, apparently, sexual urges everytime im near her. she just wants to put me on the floor and do crazy-ass stuff to me. oh dear. she told me this herself. and im not really sure what i should do.

umm... victoria. i have a bit of a proposition for you.

would you like to take up that offer by becoming co-author of my blog?

just wondering. you were the first one that i thought of when i wrote it. and you seem to understand the physics of my blog pretty well.

but if you dont want to, i totally understand.

sorry, for making this comment a bit longer than usual. but you're the forgiving type (:



krl said...

oh, what do you think of my profile picture? many people dont seem to be able to make out what it is. it's actually me performing idioteque live (at a microphone). it was great fun.




Mella said...

LOL. Me and my friends watch it quite a bit and it's HILARIOUS.

I love improvised comedy. The people are geniuses.