Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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"...I don't feel what you feel, I don't want to feel this incomplete. No one here can tell me how to fill this space between. Everyone knows you're my one regret. Everyone knows you're my one weakness..." ~The Last Goodnight

Woah. A lot happened today, which is basically just useless info that none of y'all probably care about, but whatever. :)

So in orchestra, we sounded pretty awesome. I love playing Christmas music, I don't know why, it's just, I don't know, relaxing? It's just nice to have orchestra first thing in the morning. :)

In world geography we played "Jeopardy". We split up into three teams, with the guy that is the two year old (remember?) on my team. & I guess I kinda like him, but not really, but he is just sooo incredibly smart, it's unbelievable some of the useless facts he knows. But anywho, I got almost all of the questions right, except one (stupid Suez Canal :P) but when I did get one right, I got a high five from him! Haha, I know, stupid, but it still brightened up my day. :D

In English tomorrow we have a bus safety evacuation thing, & we have to go outside and learn how to "properly evacuate a bus". Pffft. It's a good thing to learn, especially with orchestra and all the trips we go on, but most kids won't remember it. Their brain capacities are too small & if they try to fit anything else in it they might forget their locker combination (from Two and a Half Men! :D). So tomorrow will be "fun" in English.

We've had a student teacher in English since the beginning of the school year, but she's going to be leaving on Friday. :'( It's really gong to be sad, she is so much cooler than are regular teacher, but oh well. She might substitute for our class though. :)

Our concert is coming up for orchestra soon. We have two, I don't remember the exact dates, but it's like the day before we go on Holiday Break. Can't wait till I see my friends from last year! :D & we sound so much better than we did last year. Oh, & did I mention we're gonna get a student teacher for orchestra soon? Yep, that is going to be hard. I hope it's after UIL, we'll do horrible if it's not.



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krl said...


WHERE IS TAYLOR????????!!!!!!!

welcome to the blog.

ill tell ya some time on gmail. its a bit personal why she attempted to sue me.



Ali said...

Sorry about the student teacher leaving.

Have fun in english

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I love the picture and the quote !!!!!! :)

krl said...





Mella said...

Thanks. =D I WILL always be there for her.


Christina Celeste. said...

gahhh me too!

i love christmas carols :)


what a quinky-dink. our chorus sounded really good today too! :D