Sunday, December 28, 2008

Angels on the Moon..

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"It's the crap that bores the crap out of crap" :)

Again I wasn't able to sleep very well last night. But I did do some very productive things: Learned the lyrics to "Faust Arp" by Radiohead, which, might I add, was very hard. I can now sing along to it almost perfectly, even though I can't sing for crap :); went to bed at 10:30, but only till 11 did I realize how early it was since I couldn't fall asleep; texted my friend till about 12 since she's out of town and she's and hour behind; learned the lyrics to "15 Step", which is also by Radiohead; and wrote this:

I feel like I’m falling,
I’m going nowhere.
No one hears me.
No one cares.

No one’s listening
To what I have to say.
I’m lost
And no one’s showing me the way.

I’m trying to speak
But no words are coming out.
I’m all alone,
I think I took the wrong route.

I cry myself to sleep,
I have no one to comfort me.
I feel so blind,
I can hardly see.

There are two roads,
I’m not sure which I should take.
One I’m not sure where it leads.
The other could be a horrible mistake.

I want to find a way,
I don’t want to be alone.
I need someone with me.
I’m not sure where I should go.

But no one cares,
Or at least that’s how it feels.
There’s no one I can trust,
No one to help me heal.

I promise I'll make some better posts once I go back to school, it is so boring being stuck at home. :P



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!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

:I’m lost
And no one’s showing me the way."
nice one!!

Ali said...

I think that was a great poem Victoria!

And I feel like that some days too.

Sorry you couldn't sleep. That sucks.

krl said...

ok then. i already know all the lyrics to all radiohead songs. ive got a photographic memory, i just look at them once and i remember them for the rest of my life.

and i had one crazy ass dream last night; with you in it. well its a first with you in it, but for christmas i actually sent you a christmas present by letter/airmail. then you opened it to find dashboard confessional and hellogoodbye and stuff. then i woke up. weird. i do admittedly want to do that just one; i dont have your address
and two; no money.

go on gmail if you are still on.

krl said...

im just gonna talk to you via blogspot because gmail signed me out again.

so, did you read the letter?


krl said...

could u read it all?


krl said...

well my handwriting was very messy in the letter.

i apprently sign my name very strangely. do i?

krl said...

a bit, i guess.


krl said...

does matter that much?


Outrageous said...

well...nice. i like the poem.

krl said...



krl said...

nothing. just. a lot of stuff.

krl said...

go back on gmail

Allison said...

i know so many people that like radiohead for their lyrics. Sorry im going on random peoples blog. So anyways sorry you couldn't get to sleep i get that too. you just feel like thers so much to do and you start thinking about that stuff and before you know it its 3 in the morning

krl said...

ot again. another beautifully-broken-type person has popped up on my other blog. she keeps commenting me. she actually said 'i dont have many friends, and you seem nice, so here's my email. let's be friendS!!!'

here we go again. her name is crazyxxemoxxgirl or something.

and ive started on a new music project and it sounds really good. the song is much shorter, at only 1:55 but im doing very well with it. ive already got the backing track and some fast lowbeat drums. sounds really good.