Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: A Recap.

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So tomorrow is the last day of 2008. Kinda scary, huh? This year has seemed to fly by soo fast. A lot has happened for me this year. I have finally lived here for a full year; I have found out who my real friends are, who matters to me and who doesn't; I found out what I really should look for in a friend/boyfriend from all of the mistakes my idiot friends have made; and I have found an amazing guy in my life who I really care about. Hopefully next year said guy and I will be together. :) We'll just see what happens. (;

This year has also been the year I have started blogger, as a lot of you guys probably have. I've met a lot of really cool people out here. :) I just realized something: this will probably be my last post in 2008. :O

I really need to go back to school. I feel like I'm about to go insane from boredom. D: And yes, I am dead serious. :P It feels like no one posts anymore, it's kinda sad. :'(

I'm not sure if I ever posted about this, and I'm too tired to look (yes tired, not lazy, there is a difference, which I will explain in another post on a rainy day (:) but I hate that feeling like someone is watching you, yet at the same time it's sorta comforting to me. Like someone is watching out for you, cares about you in some way. And yeah, after I feel that few seconds of comfort I get totally creeped out.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! :D



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Allison said...

I know it sometimes freaks me out when the new year comes back it just reminds you of you getting older and how much closer you are to a new age just i wish i could stop time sometimes.

!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

heya!happy new yr!

simpleman said...

Its always a bitter sweet feeling when you get rid of friends who were never really your friends. I was in that position 2 years ago and now I have real friends who would do anything for me and Id do anything for them. Its always important to know who your friends are.

Happy new year!!:)

krl said...

stalkerish is right. damn. this whole kyle thing has got out. it all started when i came to australia and when people asked me for my name i said karl but my accent always made it sound like kyle. so i have to spell out my name now.

and, i have to stress this again, read carefully;

radiohead are genius'.

i dont think you realise how much consideration there is to their albums. realise this; every song is there for a reason. every song. all placed in the perfect order to make the album go. for example;

1. everything in it's place - great opener. gives listener first taste of their transition of genre (from rock to abstract/art rock)

2. kid a - they know there are many stranger songs to put on this album, so they need some lesser strange songs to build up to that. thats why kid a fits in nicely.

3. the national anthem - it was risky, thom admits when he wrote that bassline. the national anthem, due to its complete originality could possible be known as their strangest song. this is kid a at its peak of strangeness [and personally, awesomeness]

4. how to disappear completely - they couldnt go through a whole album with little acoustic guitar. that just wouldnt go down well with fans and it helps with the albums diversity. note; the lyrics "im not here. this is not happening" from the song possibly helps with the imagery of the next song.

5. treefingers - an ambient interlude cleverly crafted by jonny with his guitar, believe it or not.

6. optimistic - a typical radiohead rock track. they needed kid a evenly balanced. leads nicely into another rock track being....

7. in limbo - keeping the rock together. and a bridge from rock to their next song, electronic.

8. idioteque - it's what fans have been looking forward to. so they keep it at the back of the album, building up for the climax. the eerie ambient sounds connect it and morning bell together, as you said.

9. morning bell - dims down the excitement to help with the final track.

10. motion picture soundtrack - as always, radiohead put the most emotional song from the album, last. motion picture soundtrack, softly quiet downs before silence.

i dont expect you to be bothered enough to read all of that as 14 year olds usually arent, but still.

i better stop now before this becomes a book.


krl said...

nah, ill just stick with talking to her over blogger.

and radiohead have their reasons. i personally dont know.

which rh album do to plan to get next?

youve still got;
pablo honey
the bends
hail to the thief.

i wouldnt buy pablo honey until you have the rest. but i dont know which one for you to buy outta the other three. id just get whichever one you find.


krl said...

gmail (ja-ma)