Monday, December 22, 2008

Me? Write Poetry?! Pfft. Yeah, Sure.

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Let me just start out with this: I can't write poetry for crap. No kidding. So last year during English we had a poetry unit. And mine were okay, sure they sucked. But I did write one poem that I absolutely loved, and I thought, for me, this was actually pretty good.

I had forgotten about this poem until I found it in my closet today. So, just so I don't lose it again, here it is:

I looked out my window,
the sky turning black.
The frustration and anger
that made me hold back.

I wanted to tell him,
to tell him the truth.
I wanted to show him
how much he made me hurt.

I looked away, remembering the pain,
the blood boiling throughout my veins.
I took a walk to shake off the anger.
I didn't think I could take it any longer.

But then I saw him, his face in my head,
I'm thinking of all the fun we used to have.
I missed it all, but mostly him.
Without him, my world turned dim.

Pretty good, eh? At least I thought it was. :)



6 comment(s):

Ali said...

Yeah Victoria! I thought it was freakin great.

krl said...

im sorry victoria, but yours and tylor's poetry sounds the same. and worst of all, i can see resemblence with yours and beautifully brokens. and that nothing you should be proud of. not even a teeny bit.
sorry but its about the subject the poem is on. i usually refuse to read it if it has the word 'him' or 'love' in it.

and the shop didnt accept my games. so im screwed again :(

and i may be ipodless for sometime.

i found a new electronic artist that i quite like. he's a dj called UNKLE. thom yorke has worked with him before. some of his stuff is good.



krl said...

oh, and wat i said. you do have poetic potential. i know you do. just, i prefer poems that make me think. bizarre ones. like radiohead's lyrics. really deep ones, even political.

your poem is good. just not my kind of poem :)


!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

i was awesome!!u are really a good poetess too!

krl said...

i guess. beautifully broken gives poetry a whole new level of unoriginality and boringness.

and it really wasnt that bad. i just didnt like the subject. keep writing. you honestly arent that bad at it.

and dont ever say that they are identical just because yous were in the same english class. you are born with your style. dont think yous both picked it up from english (ultra pfft...)



krl said...

yeah, but shes the sorta person who hasnt improved her style since she was five. and its not that they are bad. just childish.

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