Friday, December 26, 2008


love Pictures, Images and Photos

You gotta love that picture. :)

Yes, I know it is nearly 12 at night. I know I should probably be in bed. Even though I'm exhausted, I just don't feel like it. Great excuse, right? :)

Hmm...I think I'll post one of the poems I've written. I'm starting to put all of the poems I'm writing in this computer. It's nice to have somewhere to put all of the crap I have. I had so many pictures and stuff in my old one, it was a mess. Anywho, here it is:

It feels like you’re watching me,
Even though I know you’re not there.
Whenever you’re around,
I can’t help but stare.

I want to be yours,
I’ve never had any doubt.
If you ever read this,
Could you figure this out?

It’s always been you,
Don’t you understand?
You’re all I can think about.
You’re everything but bland.

The way you look at me,
No words could describe.
Don’t you believe me?
Can’t you feel the vibe?

All I‘ve ever wanted
Was to feel you touch.
Why can’t that happen?
Is it just too much?

I want you to know
that I love you, for you.
You’re perfect to me,
If only you knew.

It's not that great. But whatever. I want to start writing about more abstract stuff, not just about love. It's starting to get very repetitive to me. Hmm...I think I might try that later tonight. :P

I think I'll go to bed now. I feel like I'm gonna pass out.



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!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

well,tht was gr8......nd i can surely relate 2 it...!!

krl said...

have you wrote a poem without a question mark?

abstract? wonder where you got that from.

and 'she just wont stop' thing is about you calling me a so-callec 'genius' and whatnot.


insane worthy? said...

i wovs zee poeeeeeeemmmm!!!!!!!

insane worthy? said...

iteiteiteiteiteite iz koozs, but yeeesssshhhhh eet haz

krl said...

woah, ive got the final results. quite interesting seeing that i got most of my results from m.t.

and you put creep up by a point, i think, by putting it 3rd.

and jigsaw falling into place really isnt that bad.

would you like the final results now?


krl said...

thee results have been sent by hotmail.

gmail, anyone?

krl said...

im not sure of you will like this but here is an awesome playlist of new music ive been listening to;

explosions in the sky - what do you go home to?
brian eno - an ending (ascent)
mogwai - auto rock
flaming lips - approaching pavonis mons by balloon
massive attack - exchange
god is an astronaut - forever lost
brian eno - big ship
aphex twin - cliffs
aphex twin - fingerbib
mum - i'm 9 today
god is an astronaut - all is voilent, all is bright

Ali said...

I actually really loved that poem Victoria! It was great.