Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Move On.

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"It stinks when somebody likes you but you don't like them back." ~ <3

Today was okay, I guess.

I'm really excited for Tuesday. We have two concerts that day-one during school where we go to a retirement home, & another one after school with the middle school I went to last year. I get to miss most of English. :D

But we have to walk to the retirement home (it's right across the street. Don't worry, it's not child abuse, you don't have to call child services (;). That day it's suppose to be freezing, windy, & oh yeah, it's suppose to snow. It never snows here. But when it finally does we have to walk in it. Everyone's probably gonna freak out. :)

World Geography was fun. I'm starting to really hate this one girl in my class, though. She keeps telling me my best guy friend is gay, which I'm almost positive he's not (it's a .01% chance that he might be, not that there's anything wrong with that. (;). It just irritates me! So what if he's girly, it doesn't mean he's gay! Grrr. I'm so mad. Five people in my world geo class have asked me if it was true. It's starting to get old. The real problem: she used to looove him. He doesn't have the same feelings for her, so I'm assuming that's why she's telling everyone this, to get back at him. :( She also has the most perverted mind ever. You don't even want to know some of the things she has said. ~shivers~

It is a horrible feeling. When you love someone, & they don't like you back. Even the other way around-when someone loves you but you don't like them. What are you suppose to do? Tell them the truth? Or just try not to lead them on? That's the problem with my friend-he's so awesome, but he leads a lot of people on. He doesn't mean to. It just sorta happens.

He feels horrible (or as horrible as he can feel :). She likes him, he doesn't like her, & now all of our world geo class thinks hes gay.




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Ali said...

Yeah, really Victoria--WTF?!? That's stupid that she started that rumor about him just because he doesn't like her back.


Mella said...

What a bitch that girl is. Anyway she's probably just a lesbian and can't show it because of her 'friends'

Orrrrrrrr she loves your guy friend and likes to...make...his life a...uhm....misery.

Doesn't sound quite right but hey.


krl said...

erm... nice to know. ill take that into account.


i had a weird dream today, were we met in paris i think... but you had someone as your bf. not sure if it was travis... anyway, then we got to know eachother in the next few days, then you started to like me and it all went wrong.

weird dream...

dunno how i got in paris. maybe my latest post has the answers...

song of the day; dashboard by modest mouse

artist of the day;far from fields (sorta like an instrumental thom yorke - but their album is super rare. impossible to find in shops or even on itunes store. i found them on iLike....)


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Hope your concert goes well :)
I knew you'd like my poem ! Lol. :D

krl said...

oh. well look at that;

seeing that there is only a week left for me at the shitty little school im in, i told my friends (bandmembers too) that i was moving. they seemed annoyed that i didnt tell him before so the band broke up. i was hoping this would happen. i dont want to be in a band for some time. i want to go solo, buy a mac with garageband, download every necessary music software there is and become an electronic artist, like thom yorke with the occasionally rock song. i will still use guitar as a peripheral of course, for rhythmic use and whatnot, but mainly concentrating around light vocalisation and percussion with electronic noises that go tit-tut-tit-tetetetetetetete-tit-tit-boom etc.

buy or listen to radiohead's 'hail to the thief' album. it and the eraser combined would be the perfect example of how my work will hopefully end up.

sorry for making this comment so long. and, if its still morning go on gmail. i might just be there :)


krl said...

it didnt look like him.or i dont think it did. i forget.

and taylor is being a bit of a dick with all the attention crap she posted on. hopefully she doesnt read this. i dont want to hurt her feelings


$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

nice oneall da best 4 ur concert!

krl said...

i wouldnt have ever thought that you were as gullible as that.

things that makes me happy;

1. radiohead coming to perth

2. blur reforming

3. yassy

4. yassy

5. yassy again

6. walrus with saxophones

7. man with shoe as a head. shoeman.

8. yassy

9. yassy again.


krl said...

id go on gmail but its being gay and not working. give me five minutes. i will be on


ellie said...

girls are like that..coming up with stuff to make people feel bad. its like they get their kicks out of it that way.

Although, I will confess when I was six there was a boy I liked who was 8 and I told his mother he was queer. Actually, because I liked the word queer..I wasn't sure what it meant. Talk about my mom making me feel awful for saying it..when actually, he was a good kisser. Yeah, I have a sheltered life.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Waiting for your next post! What's up with you?