Tuesday, December 9, 2008

100th Post!

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So, my last post was my 100th post, but I didn't realize it. Oops. :) So I guess Happy Belated 100th Post! Woot.

You Look Like a Cancer

It's likely you have a bit of a baby face. People think you're younger than you are.

You have prominent cheeks and a very expressive jaw. You usually have a big smile.

Your feet and hands tend to be a bit small compared to the rest of you.

Not that the rest of you is all that big. You're probably a bit shorter than average.

Like most Cancer people, you are probably incredibly compassionate and kind. You have a big heart.

You are also shrewd, intuitive, and wise. No one's going to take advantage of you.

What Sign Do You Look Like?

That is probably one of the most-true results I have ever gotten. First of all, because I am a cancer. & I'm kinda short. :)

Next week I'll have a lot of stuff to blog about: 3 concerts. Blech. Not that I don't enjoy playing. They're fun. But, I don't know.

That's it. :P



4 comment(s):

Ali said...

i took the quiz and got "you look like a leo" which is completely weird considering i'm a cancer. and the result was terribly wrong.

now im sad.

krl said...

woah. sexy guy actually turns out to be a sexy guy.


ellie said...

Very cool blog. Fun post.

Anonymous said...