Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally, I Get To Go Back To School :D

snow umbrella

Today we started to decorate the house for Christmas. It was fun. We still have so much stuff left to put up & hardly any room left. :P

I can't wait for school tomorrow. I love world geography, it's still my favorite subject. (; I love Mondays. It's so weird to be off from school for so long, but I love school, which I know is kinda weird. :) But it's really the only place that I feel completely safe in. I like my house, but I just love to be in school so much more, is that weird? Probably. But I don't care. :P

It's like, 60º outside, it's crazy. I love it. <3 Hot weather annoys me, I love it below 20º. :)

I realized this week that no one can touch the back of my neck without me freaking out. Like I will punch you in the face. I don't know why though. It's really weird... :P

I'm so gonna suck in orchestra tomorrow, I haven't played at all this week. I probably should have practiced. Oops. Oh well. :)

I think I'm gonna go download some Christmas music on my iPod now.



4 comment(s):

Ali said...

wow..okay then, i will never touch you in the back of the neck. like i would ever meet you though...

and im the exact opposite of you in the whole school thing. i HATE it. absolutely hate it. :( it SUCKS.

and yeah, im with you on the hot weather thing though. i like it cold. :) cold weather is fantastic. like overcast and rain and dark, dark clouds!! i love cold weather!

Dibsy said...

Where do you get your pics??? :O

Thanks. I got the quote from a refridgerator magnet. XD

krl said...

ugh, christmas music.

lol. i actually laughed at that joke. but its cruel

no-one can touch your neck. not even travis? or his tongue?


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Wow..i love the picture !!! I love Christmas !!
Hope you did well in Orchestra ! :)
I love winter !!
Take Care!
Keep Blogging ! :D