Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

John McCain has to win the election. I don't know what would happen if Obama is elected president, but I just know it will be bad. I think he is a really good speaker though, I just don't think he is ready to run the country. No offense to anyone reading this who wants Obama to win, I'm just using my freedom of speech to post on my blog (which I really shouldn't have to apologize, it is my blog =)

Even though I support McCain, I think Obama is going to win. If Obama does win, I think I'm going to move to Australia. ;D

Anywho, this week is so far really boring. NOTHING exciting is going on.

Today in sectionals we played A Charlie Brown Christmas. which was soo much fun, except that I had already played it in my last school. It was the SAME EXACT song that I had played in seventh grade, and our orchestra teacher said it was hard. ?? It wasn't. Trust me.

Go McCain!! =)



3 comment(s):

krl said...

I haven't taken any offence but what's wrong with obama?

he wants change. lol.

nah, i dont really give a crap about politicians and presidants. as i usually say 'george bush is a presiDONT who ameriCANT'

i wonder why you chose to move to Australia of all places lol :)

make it perth australia. then come visit me :D

we could do fun stuff together. that sounded really wrong. maybe it was supposed to sound wrong. then again, maybe it wasnt.

im gonna leave it to you.


p.s. did you know sarah palin gets her ideas from the 'quote of the day' thingo that you find on starbucks cups?

well she does.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Glad you like my drawing!
Australia...out of all places, yea! :) Great!! Lol..
Lets see who wins the election!! :)

krl said...

yep. policies from starbucks. nice.

palin is a bit of a twat.

as i've said, vote for pedro.

and when are you moving to australia :)


i cant wait.