Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn!

OMG! TWILIGHT is only 14 days away! I am sooo excited =)

Today was fun. In English we're doing a research project in the library. Our teacher chose our "study buddies", but she did try to stick us with our friends. Unfortunately, me and my friend (who are basically the smart ones in class =) got stuck with the class loser who never does his homework, so we had to try to explain everything to him. It was horrible ='(

My mom and I went shopping after school today. I got four new pairs of shoes, which I NEEDED. My mom and I rarely go shopping. We're not really that close, which I know is bad, but we always fight when we're together, it's really horrible. But, thankfully, today was good, and we didn't argue THAT much =P

Orchestra is okay, I guess. It's boring. But I looove playing Christmas songs for orchestra, it's so awesome! Especially A Charlie Brown Christmas. That is like my all-time favorite song EVER. =)

And about the title: it's a song by Hellogoodbye (who are AMAZING! The song's on my playlist, if you want to listen to it.) I just couldn't think of a title. I'm tired. =P



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Taylor-Tot said...

shopping? yuck lol
last time i went shopping some guy followed me around :(
it was creepy :(

Taylor-Tot said...


Ali loves Keyshia Cole! said...

I am so freakin stoked for Twilight!!! And I'm sorry you and your mom fight when you're together. That must suck. My mom and I fight a lot too. Which also sucks. :'(

krl said...

if it wasnt for me, you would have never found that song.

i mentioned it first.

your welcome :D


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Looks like you had fun with your mum...:) It's the same 'er, like i'm close to my mum,but we do fight :) Glad you liked my poem..Take care!

Taylor-Tot said...

wull ya, some 24 year old guy came and sat right across from me without asking, AT THE SAME TABLE!!! and was just like, "hey" wat was wrong with him then when i left, he followed me around!!!

Coolboyonli1 said...

To answer your question about the music, It comes from the roller coaster game. LOL. Just click play on it and it stops, but then ya have ta play it.

Taylor-Tot said...

that puppy is adorable, lol, just remember, he might of had those puppies :P lol

Taylor-Tot said...

bahahahahahahaha, this is a weird conversation :P lol

Taylor-Tot said...

ehhhhh, i'm ruining ur lucky # of comments :( get on gmail!!!! please!!!!!!!!! lol i like !!!!!!! lol and thank yaz!!!

Taylor-Tot said...

mk, i fixed it, make a new post b4 somebody else comments, that way i dont have to comment an extra 5 times to make it lucky again!!! :P lol