Friday, November 7, 2008

Today was the Best Day Ever!

Today was awesome.

Orchestra went perfectly. We sounded awesome! And we even got cake at the end =)

In world geography we are going to do a project with partners. I got this really awesome guy who says I'm going to do all of the research work and he's going to do all of the coloring. He won't though, I know him. We are both sooo smart, I know I'm not going to fail it OR do all of the work. =)

In English we went to the library to do research. It was sooo much fun! Even though my friend and I got stuck with the worst person in our class, we both got a lot of work done (more than what was expected we should do) and we had soo much fun! We got the guy to shoot rubber bands at our friends on the other side of the room. Then they shot it back, and it went back and forth, so when the teacher wasn't looking (which was like never), we would shoot a rubber band at each other. It was fun.

French was boring, none of my friends are in my class, but after it I went to the pep rally. Surprisingly it was fun. As fun as a pep rally can be, anyway. =)

But the whole point is, that exactly one year ago today, was the first day that I moved here. Weird, huh? I totally forgot that it has been a whole year! I just remembered a few minutes ago =)

So what I thought was going to be the worst day of my life one year ago, with starting a new school, missing my friends, turned out to be an awesome day one year later.



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krl said...

you dont have you says thanks :)

its my job as a music critic and as an online friend.


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Heya !!
Great to know that you had a great day !! N I'm glad that the orchestra was good ! :) Have fun doing your project and ya happy moving anniversary :P Lol !!
Glad you like my poem !

Taylor-Tot said...

haha, thats true

krl said...

lol. i left a really sarcastic comment on creepy guy's new page.

check it out sometime. its funny.