Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second Concert

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So I'll just start with the first concert, since before I didn't really get a chance to say anything about it:

It was sooo much fun! It wasn't really that cold, even though it was like 26°. :) When we played for the old people it looked like they really enjoyed it. Some were singing to some of the Christmas carols we played. When we were about to play A Charlie Brown Christmas, though, my chin rest, of course, falls off, and one of the little arm things falls off with it. So I had to put down my instrument and screw the thing back in while, must I remind you, everyone else was playing! I entered through the middle of the first part, but still, we were standing, which made it all that much harder. :P

Then for our second concert, which I just got back from, was so much fun also! :) I got to see some of my old friends from the middle school I went to last year. The beginner group sounded so cute! It was awesome. :D Nothing bad happened. Oh, I almost tripped up the stairs because my dress is so long, but I didn't actually trip, so it's all good. :)

Our last concert before Christmas break is on Thursday, which will be at our high school. I can't wait! :)

World geography was fun. This one guy and I got into this huge discussion about how we both don't like people, and we were basically just talking. We worked in groups, so him, me, and another guy worked together. He wants to be a dictator ha. :) He has the best eye contact, ever! I wrote about him in one of my posts, y'all probably know who I'm talking about, hopefully. :) <3

Oh, and he kept staring at me throughout the concert. Wonder what that was all about. (;



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Ali said...

Ooh, Victoria! He kept staring at you?? Could that mean something? It seems like it should. But, I don't know...

Sounds like you had fun. That's great!

!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

seems fun!!nyways nice pik!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Kool !!
SO...how are you feeling now ?? I'm fine now!! :)