Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pandas Are Adorable! =D ♥

So far this week:

We had a substitute for Orchestra on Monday. She couldn't play an instrument so we got half of the class period to practice and the other half to do nothing. It was great. How come we never have a substitute for Orchestra that can play an instrument? Same thing for French: we never have a sub that can speak french. Well once we did. But still, most of the time subs don't know anything about what they're subbing for. It just irritates me.

Also on Monday the orchestra room smelled reeeeaallly bad. We're having a soda/water sale, I don't remember what for, but we had to bring in bottles of soda and water to sell and put them in the back room. Well, apparently one of the soda coolers spilled and fermented or something like that, and made the room smell like sour milk. Gross. P

I got an 87 on my French exam. Don't ask. I didn't know how that was even possible.

For English I have to write six poems: 1 is due on Friday and the other 5 are due on Monday to be put in a book. I suck at writing poetry. Wish me luck! =)

And one more thing: my friend talked to the guy (you know who =) Not that I asked her to or anything. She just did it while I was sitting next to him. He said he won't date anyone until he is ready. His last girlfriend thought he was cheating on her. (which I know he didn't and would never!) He still has the scars on his hands. I got so mad. How could she do that to him?! He is so sweet, and would never do anything like that! I just don't know. ='(



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krl said...

hmmm... yes im strange. yes, i listen to 'strange' unique rock.

but i know im strange in a good way lol

and i am arrogant. or i sure think i am. im always judging people too, which is disgraceful. i usually judge them by their music taste too, which is also disgraceful.

but music taste can tell a lot about a person. thats why i like you.

ive said enough.