Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ♪♫ =)

Today I went to the movies with some friends, as I said I would in my previous post. We saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which is one of the best movies EVER! "I found Jesus! What? Jesus! He's much taller in person..." Haha, very funny =)

After the movie we were going to go to a shoe store and act like stalkers, eat ice cream, and just basically look creepy, but we decided not to. We didn't have enough time, because we also went to Game Exchange, a gaming store, and bought energy drinks! But it didn't work for me, I'm still tired...=P

Before we went to the movies we went to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream store. One of the greatest ice cream places ever. I got Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (wow, now isn't that useless information?!) It was good, but it melted as soon as we got outside.

We walked around the mall for awhile afterwards. If you can even call it a mall. Its just basically an outside area with a whole bunch of stores in it. It would be so cool if we had a REAL mall close by, that was actually inside and you didn't have to walk from store to store in 90 degree weather. But today it was a little bit colder than usual, around 80 degrees, and it was a bit windy, so it was almost the perfect day to walk around the 'mall'. If only it would rain once in awhile here...

Next week I don't think I have anything going on. I just realized that I'm going to be SO busy in December, January, and February with a whole bunch of orchestra fundraisers, charities, and concerts. At least I'll have a lot to post about then! =D


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Krosemarie said...

Oh, I've been dying to see that movie!!!! It looks really, really good!!!

It sounds like you had a fun day, which is totally awesome!!

thanks for the comment on my blog, btw!


Karl [with a K] said...

why. we all miss her. lol

Karl [with a K] said...

so true... so true...

Karl [with a K] said...

yup. still monday. and im feeling frustratingly crap... identically to last night.

but, my depression has actually got me somewhere... so its now considered as a good thing


Karl [with a K] said...

not only can i write poetry out of it, but it makes me conscious and correct. it isnt like im depressed for a bogus reason, i have a real reason to be depressed. and, with the state of our earth now, i think everyone should realise it and be depressed becuase there is nothing to be happy about


Karl [with a K] said...

i guess it is. ive had a really long day so far. and my days really aren't that long.

even my teacher called me more negative that usual. typical.


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Seems like you had fun !! stuck ! got 2 major tests tomorrow !! aww....Have Fun ! :)

Taylor-Tot said...

hey, thats cool, ima c it soon