Sunday, October 19, 2008

I finally finished it!!!

Yayayay!!! Finally, after 78 days of it being out, I finished it!

I was so mad at it though, I stopped reading it around page 500, like, a month ago, but yesterday I started reading it again! Now I don't understand how anybody could've hated it! I loved the ending, I wont say it just in case anyone else didn't finish it yet, but I loved it! I thought it was so perfect, what Bella could do. It was truly amazing!



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Karl [with a K] said...



i finally learnt how to play 2+2=5 by radiohead on guitar so we both achieved something good

i had to explain a lot to taylor today such as wat hydroelectricity and anti-globalization is. im surprised she didnt know...



Karl [with a K] said...

lol. close enough.

ask taylor for wat they mean. maybe she can remember. but she got worked up over some of it. the anti-globalization thing. she started swearing and stuff about target and walmart being next to eachother or something.

ask her about it.

and, for once, i think im actually affecting her life... hmmm


Karl [with a K] said...

also, once more thing, watch/listen to this song. its beautiful. its callec 'out of time' by blur

heres the web addy;

youre welcome :D


Karl [with a K] said...

yeh, i think ive changed the way she thinks, somehow

Karl [with a K] said...

thats it! sorry. im very tired. its mignight here. not concentrating correctly. i commented on the wrong post and got the song name wrong. at least i released a new poem. see other blog for details.

but im gonna 'hit the sack' now. nighty night.


--Emilyyy-- said...

That's the best one of the series!!

Alexis101 said...

I love that book!!!!
How dou get the note signs ???
ps.Check out my blog please

--Emilyyy-- said...

Definatly glad. I loved it.

Karl [with a K] said...

err... happy monday to you too :)


Beaut!fully Br()ken said... like at finished the book !! hehe...haven;t read that book yet comments !! :)
well..thank god...i mean i didnt have my science i have another day to prepare !! yiipee !! lol !! take care !!