Friday, October 31, 2008

C'est L'Halloween! =O

It's Halloween! Yay! Here are some awesome Halloween Quizzes! =D

You Are a Little Scary

You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.
How Scary Are You?
You Are

An Evil Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin bomb.
What's Your Pumpkin Face?

Halloween Horoscope for Cancer

You're usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood.

And you really get into the halloween spirit decorating your house.

Costume suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel

Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups

Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Evil Dead 2
What's Your Halloween Horoscope?
You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...

But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

You are a gleeful, exuberant person.

You enjoy a good party, and you even enjoy a good brawl.

This Halloween, there is no question what you should be... a pirate!

The candy you should give out: peanut butter cups

Today was fun. I actually went to the Pep Rally today! It was so boring. I hate pep rallies. The only reason that I went was because my friend was in it, and she did an amazing job, by the way! =)

I was actually not going to go, but I'm so glad I did! Before I got there I was walking alone in the hallway. Then, this really amazing guy that's in my English class came out of his 4th period class right when I was walking toward it, and we just looked at each other. He has these really amazing colored eyes! But me, being the idiot that I am, just looked at him. Didn't say anything, of course. But he didn't say anything either, which was good =) But it's almost like it had meaning in it. Weird, huh? That was probably the highlight of my day. (I had a very uneventful day.)

So Happy Halloween everyone!



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Ali loves Keyshia Cole! said...

Happy Halloween to you too!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! :D

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Happy Halloween To You Too !1 Have Fun...Lol, Cute Quizzes !! :)
N Thanks A Lot For Your Comments !

krl said...

gosh. you know me too well. i dont like quiet drive. though one song i do love is 'ares' by bloc party. 99% of the world will find it one of the most annoying songs ever, and only 1% will love it. im one of the one percent.


Taylor-Tot said...

haha, sweet, thanks and happy halloween

krl said...

you're sweden? i'm faroe islands...


krl said...

OH! awesome!!!! lend it to taylor sometime, will ya?

u might need to listen to it a few times over. it is such a complex album. at first i hated it but now its one of the favourites.



krl said...

ive heard. what were the other six cds?

krl said...

i dont hate it...

just dislike.

coldplay and blur arenbad. but linkin park... ugh...


krl said...

ugh, victoria, victoria, victoria, when will you learn...



krl said...

not true. i was once a big fan of linkin park. ive got meteora, minutes to midnight, reanimated (or sumthing) and a few others.

they are just crap now that i look back on it. their voices are artificial.

i just told taylor what happened in my dream last night. can you guess what it was about? i'll give you two clues;

1. it had the girl i like in it

2. it's not what you are thinking.

go on then.


krl said...


no. it wasnt like that. i told you - its not what you are thinking. though im sure if it was, it would be nice too.

it was actually about me and her touring around the world, in a small acoustic band together. me on guitar, her on drums/bass (she can play both).

i think that would be so so so awesome.


krl said...

oh, k

yeah, it was a great dream. usually mine are scary. i mean like horrifically scary. usually about us all dying due to global warming.

im very afraid of my mind. its an uncomfortable place to be. im constantly looking over my shoulder because im afraid of what i cant see.

i found a blur cd yesterday in the shop for only $7aus dollars which is about 5 us dollars. very cheap.


krl said...

i didnt buy it though because my very kind english teacher is gonna lend me all her blur cds because i lent her some of my good, the bad and the queen ones.


krl said...

i see

have you heard of the flaming lips?

its a band. they are kinda funny. youtube 'the yeah yeah yeah song' by them


krl said...


so u do like the flaming lips?


krl said...

i see. i just realised, i had the whole album and i didnt even know about it. youtube this song, its great; icky thump by the white stripes


krl said...

i know, but its awesome.

do u have msn?


krl said...

is gmail instant messaging?

krl said...

add me on it, however you do that

username; karliscool2k7
other email;

*::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::* said...

i just invited u i think it should work =)