Thursday, October 30, 2008

Between Two Hills

We're doing a research project for dead poets in English, and I got Carl Sandburg. This was the first poem that I read while I was looking him up on the Internet and I love it!

Between two hills
The old town stands.
The houses loom
And the roofs and trees
And the dusk and the dark,
The damp and the dew
Are there.

The prayers are said
And the people rest
For sleep is there
And the touch of dreams
Is over all.

~Carl Sandburg

Isn't it awesome! I've never heard of him, but so far I like a lot of his poems!



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Taylor-Tot said...

ya... purty awesome, and were u agreeing with me? or disagreeing?

Taylor-Tot said...

o... well, ur wrong, and eating meat really is gross, i dont think i'm gonna eat it ever agin, no joke

Taylor-Tot said...

haha ya :P i dont think i could eat meat anymore, ever ever ever

Taylor-Tot said...

yes, ever ever ever

Taylor-Tot said...

nope, and i like the new back ground btw!!!

Taylor-Tot said...

ur imposible and u changed it back

Taylor-Tot said...

lol, i like it this way :P

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I Love this poem too !! It's awesome...I love the picture with the's so quite...would love to go to a place like that :)

krl said...

indeed. all people called karl/carl are awesome. its undeniably true.

and no reason. just... errr... 'wondering'

im not happy currently. at all. see my latest post for details.


krl said...

ill get over her eventually. hopefully. though i did say that a year ago about the same girl, and it didnt work.

im not the 'in-love' type. it doesnt make sense. usually i wouldnt be that bothered with girls but this is different. this is horrible :(

and this is the first time ever in my life that ive felt real envy.
and ive realised something. envy isnt very nice.

but ill live. though i dont rly wanna talk about it


krl said...

i forget.

any new music?

i rly want to buy 'intimacy' by bloc party but my dad refuses to buy it off itunes store cus he wants me to buy the original. hes offering to pay for it but still - you get eight bonus tracks on itunes store and it will take forever to come out in physical release. im gonna be waiting for ages. im gonna push my luck (hoping that it has came out) by going to a great music store called jb hi-fi. my dad just wants me to have it on disc so i can make a collection.

oh well. i guess, a collection would be cool. and it makes lending the cd to my frends that bit easier.

so maybe its for the better... hmmmm