Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesdays With Morrie #2

Here's number 2!!! =D

2. "Accept the past as past, without denying it or discarding it."

Idk what to write. Its so horrible! So i guess ill just post another quiz =P

Your Surfing Habits are 50% Male, 50% Female

There's no way we can tell whether you're a man or woman.

Of all the internet users, you are the most broad based in your habits.

You use the internet for research and your career.

But you also use the internet to keep in close touch with your loved ones.

Do You Use the Internet Like a Man or a Woman?

What Your Burger Says About You

You are very gluttonous. Even if you're full, you'll still clear your plate.

You are likely a fairly picky eater. And you're secretly a little squeamish about some foods.

You are a very open eater. You like many types of tastes, and you'll eat just about anything.

You consider yourself a healthy eater. But you're not about to sacrifice taste or quantity!

You are straightforward, honest, and ambitious. You tend to be direct about what you want when it comes to food.

You are social, outgoing, and a risk taker. Among your friends, you are the first to try a new food.

What Does Your Burger Say About You?

Your Hair Should Be Brown

You are an intelligent, well respected person.

You are very confident. You take yourself seriously, and other people take you seriously too.

You are a good leader, and you can be trusted with someone's life.

You motivate people well, and you command respect easily.

You are competent, successful, and organized. You can't stand chaos.

Some people mistake you for being cold, calculating, or elitist.


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Karl Halliday said...

Good to have you back. And thanks so much for the instructions. I'm happy now. :)