Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Day Like Yesterday...

Today was okay, I guess.

Orchestra was great again. We're sounding stronger and broader with each rehearsal.

Then comes world geography. I think I did amazing on my mid-terms. It was so freakin' easy. But usually when I find it easy I either fail it, or get a really low grade. At least I get ten extra bonus points for winning the Deal or No Deal game! =D

So my friend that I told you about in my last post who called me and my friend a 'cute couple' said it again. To the guy. While I was there. Awkward. We were both like 'Eeew gross!'. But the funniest part was I used to like this other guy from middle school who is now in my world geography class also. Both of the guys are also in orchestra too. He was sitting right next to us when we were talking about that. I stopped liking him for the fact that I never thought he liked me back. Well, when my friend said we were a cute couple, his face went bright red, like he was either jealous or mad. It was so funny! =P

And I think I made a huge mistake. I told the girl who originally liked him that I like him now. She's pissed at me again. Oops.

Tomorrow's a half day. Woot.

So that means that I don't have orchestra. Yessss! So I don't have to bring my violin to school. And I also don't have world geography, so I don't get to see the guy. Oh well. World geography is now my favorite class. Haha.

I decided that I'm not going to the plant sale. I went two out of the three weeks, and we only had to go to one. I thought I needed a day to sleep in and just relax the whole day.



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Karl [with a K] said...

well, they are all pretty good if you ask me. radiohead are so emotional and dramatic, just to stress their point. sorta like muse. just muse dont have a point. meh

people are starting to question why i pick up rubbish at recess and lunch at school. what kind of a question is that?

why do you pick up rubbish?
wth, how environmentally unaware can you get?

i better stop asking questions


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Ok...Your lucky. We don't have half days. :(
N ya..i am happy for my science marks !!
Keep Blogging!!