Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Awkward Situations

So I was just texting my friend, and she said that one of my friends who she loooves, was "hot and yummy" (don't ask). So tomorrow she wants me to ask him out for her. And me, being the kind person that I am *giggles* said sure, yeah, whatever. Now this kind of creeps me out. She said she didn't know how to ask him out. (the hot and yummy part also creeped me out a little bit too =P).

But it's still just the whole concept of it. I have to ask one of my best guy friends if he will go out with my other friend, who I know he hates and can't stand.

Ugh, tomorrow's going to be fun.

It'll probably creep him out too, me asking him if he has a girlfriend (awkward!). But I feel really bad for my other friend (the girl). She has had a bad experience with guys. And she has a horrible taste in them too. Almost all of the guys she dated cheated on her, were pervs, or just wanted to use her for you know what. So now I feel obligated to ask him out for her. And my friend is probably one of the greatest guys I know, and is definately the sweetest.

If only he didn't hate her...

And the biggest problem of them all: I sorta kinda like him too. Ugh.

Not that I would ever tell him or anything...=)

And on a different topic: Did you ever realize how awkward it is to spelll the word 'awkward'?



2 comment(s):

Karl [with a K] said...

indeed, awkward is an awkward word.

peace? lol

u havent got any of their latest album stuff on that cd though. and some of their latest stuff is the best. u need buy an actual album of radioheads. not the best of album. it sucks.



Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

awkward! Lol...i gotta agree with karl this time..It really is an awkward word ! :)
Ok...so..guess like you'll have 2 take courage in telling your friend about who has a crush on him !! Guess he's gonna freak out damn badly...hehe !! Wanna know what happens so post fast !!
N ya i got a 19 outta 20 in Science...Yiiipeee !!