Thursday, January 1, 2009



I thought I'd start 2009 off with an insightful post. :) I was looking through the Internet and I found this quote:

"Better a broken promise than none at all."

That made me think: is that really so true? Would you rather have someone make a promise to you, then suddenly destroy that trust you had in that person? I know I wouldn't. Y'all know that I have huge trust issues. If you break a promise to me it's pretty hard to regain that trust. Because I have moved so much I usually don't get that close to people. I'm afraid to get close to someone, then have that person get taken away from me. It's horrible.

But anywho, I guess I could see how a broken promise is better than none at all. That broken promise could mean a friendship that ended, or is "broken". You both could have made that promise to be "best friends for life". It is better to have that one friendship that ended than to never have had a friend. We grow from our mistakes, and that friendship could have helped you grow and become the person you are today. I found this quote from "People are like photographs; we all develop from our negatives". So true. :)

So is a broken promise really better than none at all? It really depends on how you look at it. This quote can mean different things to different people. It could be better, or it could not be.

Eh, I'm probably thinking this too far through. I do that a lot.



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krl said...

i didnt mean that with the words thing. i meant something else. and i dont use rhyming sites.

i got 'yoshimi battles the pink robots' by the flaming lips. it is fantastic. i only liked the flaming lips a teeny bit before but this album changed my views. heavily recommended.

and i decided to delete the post i just posted. gives people the wrong idea.


krl said...

see 'rose magritte's' comment on my latest post on my poetry blog;

they are onto me!!


krl said...

got the job.

and how is being told by people that i write like thom yorke is a good thing. it isnt a good thing.

makes it look like a copy him.


krl said...

i also wrote in my book some time ago to tell you to listen to these songs. i forgot. but now, i remember;

floods by fightstar (sounds like muse)

and the rip by portishead (beautiful song. beautiful)


krl said...

screw you! :P

I'm right a lot of the time, so can you please tell me what I was right with?


krl said...

man, that rose chick onda other blog has got the right idea; thom is god apparently.


Mella said...

"Better a broken promise than none at all."

OMGOSH. It's so...right! I'd rather have someone break my trust or I break there's than go on deluding them that I am this insanely trustworthy person when I'm not. I mean whenever you trust someone you are putting not only your trust in someone's hands but your own. After all it's your secret to spread and they're trusting you to trust them in giving them the secret.

None of that makes sense when I read it but in my head it does.

I'm the cruelest person when it comes to promises. Whenever I tell someone a secret I have already resigned myself to the fact that they will pass it on. Which is the greatest wrong of all- misjudging people.`


Allison said...

Umm hmm im not sure if i agree i mean would you rather have promise and then have it thrown back in your face. i guess it depends on what the promise was.

krl said...

told you so. i am a sarcastic batard (haha).

batard. lol

in that list are the only bands i am studying. analysing. hellogoodbye isnt worthy simply because their songs are too simple. they were too easily made. these bands you can learn from (well few exceptions - havent learnt anything from spank rokk which is rap/hiphop but thom likes them). i just havent learnt anythng useful from hellogoodbye.

got little sleep last night. four hours. so that would be a total of six hours sleep in four days. impressive. unofrtunately impressive.

and my comment to that chick. the sarcastic bit was in capital letters for emphasis to show that i was being somewhat sarcastic.

(el batardo) krl

krl said...

register in the site for free then download.

it's great fun.

welcome to the power hour.


krl said...

another picture. man. you have got the most puffiest cheeks. it's pretty awesome.

two pages? umm... what was it about? sexual fetishes with him?


krl said...

i read over it. i sound very gay.

and he is short. compared to the rest of them. ed o'brien (guitarist) is the tallest. he's like 6 foot something.

back to the point, thom is 1.66metres or 5' 5

and i am going to record my own version of there there, as i found out how. im going to take up jonny's role in the song where i must drum (which can surprisingly be done with guitar hero drums) until the chorus where i take up guitar. do the solo. then go back to drumming for the last 10 seconds. i will also sing during all of this.

i practised it last night. sounds good. but could be much better as the drumming always distracts me from singing. but im getting there.

and that rose magritte chick. she explained kid a very well. its her fav album. she explained it as if the album goes through life, everything in... being birth, kid a being childhood, national anthem being entering puberty until ends with motion picture soundtrack which means suicide or something. then there is silence. then more transendent music for about 15 seconds which is going to afterlife. then more silence.


James said...

I do not agree with that quote at all. I think it is better to never have made a promise at all, than to not have kept a promise. You are pledging yourself on your honor and your word that you will keep that promise, it shows your character, your determination to be yourself and show your ethics and how strong they are. O yea, i noticed that you commented on my friend alices blog, so if ya have a moment comment on mine cuz even though alice's is better, yea. Lol, or dont.

krl said...

you really think so? the next thom yorke? i think id like to be my own personality than his. though i am aware of our striking resemble. i think thats why i like him so much.

just i dont/havent go/been to oxford university. and i dont look as good/old. which means i just dont count.

and i have strongly been influenced by the beatles and the smiths recently. im really getting into them. thom also loves them both. but thats not why i like them. its a bonus though.