Monday, January 5, 2009

Time Is Running Out.

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It is. I have to do it soon. I don't know what will happen if I don't, what will happen to us. Which is why I will Friday. I have to... *Just a reminder to myself, so whenever I go on here, which is often, I'll have it to mock me. Just totally disregard this.*

"This is not what I intended. I always swore to you I'd never fall apart. You always thought that I was stronger. I may have failed but I have loved you from the start." ~Secondhand Serenade

The first day back was good, even though I woke up super late, so I didn't get in the orchestra room until really late; I usually like to get there really early, before everyone else. I don't know why, but lately I've just been wandering aimlessly around the halls before the first bell. Going absolutely nowhere. It's surprisingly relaxing.

I was demoted in orchestra. She started to rearrange the orchestra, so I'm now a second violin, which isn't so bad. I'm next to my friends, and I technically get the harder part. 2nds usually get the harder rhythms and the more awkward parts. So it should be good.

Nothing exciting happened today. It wasn't a great day, but it wasn't a horrible day either. It was just boring.

That's basically it.



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krl said...

the title of the post. I believe there is a song for that.


James said...

hmm interesting. Interesting. O, and btw I wonder if he meet him, would he become gay for him? like, wow. I mean, wow. That is some good music.

Mella said...

Secondhand Serenade are good but sometimes its sounds as if they are singing completely out of tune.



!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...


krl said...

im very tired. two long days of work havent gotten me very far. though i have devised plans for a very very very awesome song. i just need the right instruments, tools and recording equipment. and did you give 'him' your cd?

anywho, back to the song. even if youre not interested, ill type it down. just for record. well i thought that if i had a low-tempo kettle drum loop banging twice a second (2/4 tempo), then i could add very light electronic ticks using an arpeggiator (like in harrowdown hill or where bluebirds fly) then i could add unrecognisable vocals like screaming, humming or just literally making up whine-like words in falsetto. maybe some light bass (like in nude) then the drums will slowly becoming faster in tempo, the bass will become heavier and the vocals will start whining louder. the kettle drum will beat harder and harder (until hits 1/4 over eight seconds) until cymbals smash heavily and guitar strikes (in e minor then e major - possibly by glissando if possible) in accordance to the cymbals and kettle drum beat. xylophone/glockenspiel (possibly harp or wooden chimes) and ondes martenot in bass will play also in accordance with the cymbals, vocals, drums etc.

so there will be lots of instruments playing at one time. which i think is awesome.

anyway, then it ends as the cymbals, guitar, harp and all other instrument except the vocals, light bass and drums (like before). and vocal's pitch will decrease (in melisma) and it should end softly.

sorry for rambling on about musical gibberish. just im very excited about this as it sounds fricking amazing. well on paper. and in my head.


Allison said...

well im really tired so i'll try to comment a comment full of meaning. Hehe. I hate when you have days that like theyre just Eh.O and i never told you but I lvoe My chemical romance and that is why i read your blog because i recognized the this is how i dissapear!

krl said...

zooey deschanel, one of the most beautiful people in the world, is now engaged. now this wouldnt be all that bad, if she was engaged to me. but it isnt.

anywho, i went to a LARGE shopping centre there. and i decided 'hmmm, i could use with a hair cut. wow. this is a very expensive salon. i think ill go here for it.' i then had to choose a picture of some guy with hair that i liked. i couldnt find any. then i thought of this cheeky little idea. so i took out my ipod and showed the lovely lady at the salon a picture of thom yorke. she did what she needed to do and my hair is now somewhat resemblent to mr thomas. awesome!!!!

also, whilst at this LARGE shopping centre, i got two cds. the far-out flaming lips one i wanted and 'with teeth' by nine inch nails. now, i bought the nin one totally with no idea with what it will sound like it. and i was GLADLY surprised. it is beautiful. electronic too. BONUS!!