Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tomorrow Is Going To Be Like A Tremor..

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“It seemed like this day could go in so many directions, like a spider web shooting out towards endless possibilities. Whenever you made a choice, especially one you‘d been resisting, it always affected everything else, some in big ways, like a tremor beneath your feet, others in so tiny a shift you hardly noticed a change at all. But it was happening.” ~Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby, pg. 117.

It's been really boring. Wednesday is the last full day of school, then we have a half day on Thursday. Then we have Friday and Monday off, which I don't know what I'm going to do. I just don't like being home.

Orchestra has been a lot better. It's just the seconds parts are so easy! I like the firsts parts, where they go into third and fifth positions. We don't get any of that, just complicated rhythms and patterns. I kind of like having the harmony over the melody, though. It's what makes a piece what it is.

So tomorrow. That's what the quote's about. That's all I have to say about that.

That's about it. Next semester, which starts a week from Tuesday, should be more exciting. New students, new teachers. It should be better.

"Do you know, that everyday's the first of the rest of your life." ~Thriving Ivory



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lone poet said...

:P love it

krl said...

'bittersweet symphony' by the verve. i think youd really like it.

what do you mean by listening to them lots? does that mean;

a)0-1 hours a day?
b)1-3 hours a day?
c)4-7 hours

id fall into category d. infact radiohead has got me into this problem were im finding it very hard to find something to listen to that isnt radiohead. i cant find anything as good as radiohead so everything sounds crap in comparison. though ive taken great interest in jonny, the guitarist. he plays about thirty different instruments which i think is fricking awesome. so im in search for his two soundtracks 'bodysong' and 'there will be blood'. they arent rock. they are a mix of electronic and classical. but they are fantastic.

idioteque, my iron lung, sit down stand up, i might be wrong and stop whispering have OFFICIAL music videos now apparently.

and, i stumbled upon this very interesting video of phil selway (radiohead drummer) singing his own song for 7 worlds collide.

hes almost as good as thom.



ChipotleChick said...

a new semester and a new beginning. Get through the boredom and keep moving forward to the next check point. That's a beaufilul quote! Thank you for posting it.

So here's to a fun, exciting next semester!

!ии0cenT s!иce 1996. said...

nice quote!!i'm luking forward 4 ur nxt poem:)

Ali said...

Sorry that you have to be home again. I'm starting to hate being home more and more each day too Victoria.

and by the way, I do listen to Radiohead. They're really good.

krl said...

and, what seems like your lack of excitement, he declined. im so so so sorry.

but look on the bright side; i wont stop talking to you now :)

i know that wont help. im terrible at this.

he doesnt know what hes missing out on. so he can get screwed.


krl said...

check your email.

there should be a link to your late christmas present from me.

i told ya i'd get you one ;)

wasnt cheap though. buying online gifts for people can be expensive.

hopefully it will make you feel better after 'the incident'.


krl said...

i see. phew.

hope ou enjoy it. it is frickin awesome. i bought four copies digitally. one for you, two for two of my friends (who to be honest i didnt really want to get presents but they got me one so i had no choice) and i bought myself one. all out of my first paycheck from 'the job'.

i also got the first volume of ghosts I-IV, which is nin's instrumental albums.


James said...

I love it. A new semester is a new journey and beginning and more! So i wish u the best of luck! And, we must not let krl be gays because gays are horrible people!!!!! ;)

krl said...

what else is on the list?

and with that much music on your list, i think you should consider

it might help you get somewhere.


Cursed♪♫ said...

I'm back :)
Glad to know that your orchestras better than before :)
I love your post picture!

Allison said...

I know i hate having to have the same teacher for half the year if only we had more teachers so we could switch into new classes like every quater. that would be awesome

krl said...


where have you been? i think youve got some explaining to do.